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Letters : You failed this PR stunt, Mr Tangara

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Dear editor,

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I read the story of Foreign Minister, Mamadou Tangara’s lame excuse distancing himself from the atrocities of the Yahya Jammeh regime.

Not so fast. Like so many others, Mr Tangara proved himself more interested in his own personal, professional advancement, than serving the collective interest of Gambians.

We also know, like almost everyone else who served in the Yahya Jammeh regime, Mr Tangara epitomized the proverbial Yahya Jammeh doormat.

I find it amusing that Mr Tangara is insinuating knowledge; albeit, tangentially, of the release of Dr Amadou Janneh from the notorious Mile 2 Prison.

Dr Jammeh’s release is the culmination of nearly nine months of relentless day and night planning, strategizing and contacts with literally hundreds of human rights organizations, international agencies, and governments, across Africa and the wider world.

Mr Tangara is a history revisionist, because no one in the diaspora knows him for anything other than the Yahya Jammeh playbook, which he played so well.

Mr Tangara had easy opportunities to cast himself as a humanist who put the lives of Gambians ahead of Yahya Jammeh’s political interest and his own economic opportunism.

But each time he left the jurisdiction of the Gambia, he failed that test. Mr Tangara exhibited absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Any other honorable person would’ve resigned their post in order to preserve the health and integrity of Gambian society.

I and Ndey Tapha-Sosseh have worked closely and tirelessly, at all times of the day, to seek Dr Amadou Janneh’s release and freedom, and she is nothing, but a decent and credible person who sees no value in making up a story about Mr Tangara’s activities under the service of Yahya Jammeh.

It is an insult to every Gambian that someone who traveled the world, to justify the execution of 9 Mile 2 prisoners, is again serving as the Gambia’s Foreign Minister. It’s beyond laughable, if you ask me. In fact, it is downright sick.

Mathew K Jallow

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