Letters: Arise Africa


Dear Editor,

It is quite a fact that the mother of civilisation is Mother Africa. We can boast of our youthful population like no other continent can do. It is common knowledge that a significant number of the world resources are in the fertile soil of Africa.

Guess what? Africa, with all these resources, is backward in many development indicators. Striking poverty, internal disputes and self-hatred. What an irony!


Sound scientific judgements are compromised because of social connections and relations. Bearing a certain surname or identity tends to be a very important criteria to be valued or otherwise. Bearing surname X makes one more human, deserving more respect in the society than bearing surname Y, regardless of their individual attitudes or values. In this vein, people are employed, elected or nominated to portfolios they don’t deserve. The problem is known to all.

Nations progress and develop not merely by citizens talking and throwing foul words at each other, but development comes when people are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and dirty their hands and tackle pressing issues. Our actions should be more than the talking. Goodwill over hatred, and no bitterness to others seemingly different from you by tribe, creed or cultural differences. Coalition over divisions and partitions in every sense of the word.

Hang on dear, didn’t you realise that when the West wanted to destroy and cripple Africa, they met in Berlin only to come up with an effective way of putting Africa down and defeated for good, calling it the ‘partition of Africa.’ This is the handiwork of fourteen nations of the West coming together to create a Pandora’s box for us.

That problem is quite a complicated one. However, as it is said, a problem known is half solved. They used division to create our problem, therefore the opposite becomes our solution. Mr Politician, are you ready for this challenge? Africans, are we ready for unification? We need an empire that is called Africa and its subjects be called Africans; one nation, one people, one currency and one system. Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Let’s uproot the colonialist ideas and system that wouldn’t let us grow. It is said that there is no European solution to African problems.

Arise Africa, reclaim your greatness and originality. Put an end to the imperialism, assimilation and stop treading on ways that are not necessarily working for you. Let’s convert our youths to resources, let us be educated and not merely be certificated. Bridge the gap between theory and practical, idealism and realism. Reclaim your greatness mother Africa; once great is always great.

Yahya Barrow

Re: Majority Leader says Barrow government worse than Jammeh’s

Dear Editor,

Only an idiot will say that Jammeh’s government is better than Barrow’s government. Jammeh was a dictator, he killed so many innocent people, he insulted everyone. He claimed to own this country. Jammeh was involved in every business. He never allowed any private television in the country. The law was in his hand. Many people who did not go through any trial. They were just sent to jail just like that, and many were killed. How on earth can someone compare these two? Hundreds of Gambians had to flee the country because of Jammeh. There was no freedom of expression. Journalists publish only the things that will favour Jammeh. There were very few people in the opposition to talk about the bad side of Jammeh’s government. Now we have almost 20 political parties. It is sad to see this kind of articles after what we’ve heard from TRRC already. Jammeh will be the worst president The Gambia will ever have! I’m sure that dictatorship will never come back. People are insulting President Barrow on radio stations and the social media daily. What has he done? Nobody will ever try such during Jammeh’s time. Gambians, stop being hypocrites and think about the victims of Jammeh. Bad governance is better than a dictator, because it’s easier to flush out a slow leader than a dictator!


Dear Editor,

I agree with the Majority Leader. What he says is absolutely true. Only the enemies of The Gambia will keep supporting this currupt government. Gambians my advice to everyone is let’s come out in large numbers on December 4th and vote out this greedy and currupt government in which rampant curruption, no good heath care system, unnecessary killings and so forth are the orders of the day.  We need to rescue our motherland.

Ebrahim Njie

Dear Editor,

Is the Majority Leader okay? I think he needs a brain surgeon. Just to make a point, if the Majority Leader were to make such a statement about Jammeh when Jammeh was in power, he would have been lucky to go to Mile 2 Prison (Jammeh’s 5 star hotel) for uttering this nonsense.

Mohammed F Sumareh

Dear Editor,

The Majority Leader’s statement is an insult to Jammeh’s victims.

This kind of political rethoric must stop in The Gambia. It’s irresponsible and disrespectful to Jammeh’s victims. Every mature person knows what Jammeh did to not only Gambia but the world during his 22-year-rule. Obviously KK Barrow’s statement is immature.

Yahya Gassamma

Dear Editor,

If Jammeh is better than Barrow and why then will you not accept Jammeh to return to the country as a citizen? Why? This is just hypocrisy, lies and just nonsense. Why are our so-called human rights activists not condemning this? Hypocrisy everywhere..

Biran Sey

Dear Editor,

With all due respect that’s not true. It is completely false. A dictatorship can never be better than a democratic government. It is sad that some of the people saying so are not honest to themselves neither to the Gambians in many ways. What is disturbing us as Gambians today is nothing but our attitudes and interests. Everyone puts his or her party and interests ahead of the nation and any other person. Unless we change our mindsets we won’t achieve any development in any ways.

Pa Jagne Narr