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Local foundation donates Pakala nursery

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By Juldeh Njie

‘Yeswecan’ for Children’s Foundation has recently donated 110 reading books,132 manila boards, 175 sets of pencil, 10 office files,139 pencil erasers among others worth D7,405 to Pakala Nursery School.
Essa Jallow, the foundation’s executive director, said education is a fundamental aspect of children’s life and it is mandatory on every parent to provide them basic necessities in life and education is one of those.

He said the best gift from a parent to a child is education because education in itself makes a human being. “But for that to happen every hand should be on deck to provide the necessary things needed.
“We want parents to know that education is not free. Even the government tells you that education is free, know that they can only pay school fees for your child but books, uniform etc you have to provide that for them”.

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Jallow went on to say girls’ education is equally important as boys and their rights should not be abused.
He reaffirmed his foundation’s commitment in supporting the school in achieving its goal. He implored on other philanthropists to come to the aid of the school.
Malang Jawo, the foundation’s secretary general, said parents are not only mandated to take their children to school but should constantly monitor them.

Jawo said thousands of students graduate every year but most of them are jobless which is sad because there is no proper monitoring at schools.
Mamat Mbaye, head teacher of the school, said they are faced with numerous challenges in the school, ranging from lack of tables and chairs, no doors and windows in the classroom.

“We have a well, but it is very difficult for us because teachers have to fetch water from the well for each student to drink. We will be happy if the government can help us with a borehole,” he said.
He added: “We tried to build some classes but it’s hot and the classrooms don’t have windows, chairs and tables. We are just trying for the students to learn but we don’t have it and we can’t do it.”

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