Lt Saye’s widow gives tearful testimony


By Baba Sillah

Amid tears and crying another widow of 11 November 1994 victim yesterday faced the TRRC to share her suffering and pain, following the unlawful execution of her husband by the AFPRC junta.

Explaining her two decades of suffering and trauma, Mbaya Demba, the widow of Lt Gibril Saye told the commission that after the unlawful execution of her husband, she struggled to maintain her family amid fear and sorrow they endured since 1994.
“Since the death of my husband I have been going through serious pain, confusion and trauma. I had to struggle by doing petty business in order to take care of my children who were very young at the time of their father’s death,” she said.


Madam Demba, a native of Kartong village further recalled that she had to go back to her native village when her husband’s death was finally established as there was no one to pay for their rent and other expenses of the family.