Macky Sall’s Coalition wins landslide


Benno Bokk Yaakaar, the colaition of parties supporting Presidnet Macky Sall has won Sunday’s parliamentary election with a landslide, reports tickling from Dakar indicated.

According to reports the colaition dominated in almost all the contitutuencies winning almost everywhere except Saraya, K√©dougou and probably Mback√©. Senegal Prime Minister Mahammad Dionne praised the country for a successful election.”We talked about 53.95 participation rates as early as 20 hours, or nearly 54% turn out. We can be happy about the good organization of the ballot, the reality is it is a good organization, with 47 lists, more than 300 million voting paper cards, covering 39 countries where our diaspora exists,”the Prime Minsiter said.