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Madina Baye Caliph due here today

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By Saderr Cham

Sheikh Mahi Ebrahim Nyass, also called Khadimul Ummah, the Grand Caliph of Madina Baye in Kaolack, is due here today at 2pm on a visit to the talibehs of Sheikh Ebrahim ‘Baye’ Nyass in The Gambia.

Following his visit to Sudan where tribes fought for so many years, the Grand Caliph was able to broker peace and stability in that region and dedicated the victory to the African continent.

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Baye Nyass (RA) once said Africa is for Africans which his son, Caliph Sheikh Mahi Ebrahim, showed in his mission to Sudan.

The Grand Caliph also visited Nigeria where he met President Muhammadu Buhari.

After the arrival of the Caliph today, he will straightaway go to Atlantic Hotel, where the committee booked for him.

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Friday prayers will be held at Nema Nasir which was founded by his brother, Muhammad Nasir Ebrahim Nyass, the Hadaratul Jummah will be in Banjul, McCarthy Square and a conference by the spokesperson to the Caliph, Sheikh Mahi Ceesay, a brother to the Imam of Madina Baye.

The Caliph will draw the curtain on the programme with closing remarks and prayers.


The Caliph will pay a visit to his brother Mahdi Ebrahim Nyass in Brufut, United Youths—a group of youths working for the Faida who built a compound in Lamin and named it Keur Baye. The Sheikh will also meet Banjul Muslim Elders in the compound of Imam Cherno Mass Kah.

Sheikh Mahi assumed the throne on 8th March 2020 in Kaolack.  

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