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Madina Souane caliph dies, succeeded by brother

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The caliph general of Madina Souane in Senegal’s Kolda region, Mawlana Sheikh El Hadji Ibrahima Souane, died on Tuesday, 20th March following a long illness.
The caliph, who was officially 89 years old, but much older according to some of his relatives, died at Dakar’s main hospital.

El Hadji Ibrahima succeeded his father, Sheikh Mohamed Salim Souane, who worked hard to expand Islam in the Senegambia, the Guineas and Mali. He founded the religious city of Madina Souane.
The deceased caliph has been succeeded by his brother, Sheikh El Hadji Karamba Souane, referred to as “Borom Daaraji” (The Owner of the Academies). The new caliph was in charge of education, mainly the teaching of the Holy Qur’an, in the religious city.

The deceased caliph general was laid to rest on Wednesday at 2pm in Madina Souane. The successor caliph was in The Gambia this week and called on President Barrow at State House. He was on record as praising the character of our president and prayed for peace and success in his undertakings. He advised President Barrow to remain humble, truthful and maintain the virtue of kindness.
The president thanked Souane for calling on him at his office and urged him to continue to pray for peace and success for his government and the Gambian people.

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