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Mai Fatty clarifies, after rumours of appointment

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Hon Mai Fatty

By Omar Bah

Former Interior Minister and leader of Gambia Moral Congress has told The Standard that he has not been told and he is not aware that he has been appointed minister.
“What you are saying is news to me,” Mai Fatty laconically said in a short telephone chat Monday night as reports of his return to cabinet went virile on social media.
“I don’t know where the news is coming from. I believe if the president appoints me he would tell me. As I speak to you, I have not been contacted about anything like that. These are just rumours making the rounds on social media,” Fatty added.
The Standard even received reports that some of his admirers took to celebrations after hearing the rumour.
Mr Fatty, clearly very popular among the ranks and files of the grassroots supporters of the governing coalition, was surprisingly removed as Interior minister after just nine months. His sacking drew anger and frustration among many supporters of even the UDP, who admired him for his firebrand affirmative stance on national issues.
Only last week a group of supporters staged a solidarity march to draw attention to his contribution to national development.
President Barrow, who claimed he is still on talking terms with Fatty, did not say why he replaced him, only saying that it was for national interest.

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