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Main trial of alleged PIU shooter starts at high court

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By Bruce Asemota

The high court has commenced hearing the main trial of the man alleged to have killed three riot police near Sukuta last year.

The sixth witness, police officer, Ebou Sowe continued his testimony and told the court what he did on the 13th, 14th and 15th September 2023 in obtaining the statement of Ousainou Bojang, the first accused person.

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The witness told the court that on 14th September, the suspect explained his escape route out of The Gambia and how he was assisted by the second accused, Amie Bojang by providing him with a C class Mercedes Benz taxi that drove up to their residence in Brufut and the vehicle drove him to The Gambia border village of Jiboro before proceeding to Senegal.

The witness further told the court that the accused confessed that he handed over a black bag containing some documents (Senegalese ID card) to the second accused.

The witness said he also confessed that the second accused hired a local motorcycle at the border that took him to Senegal.

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The witness testified that it was as a result of the narration of the first accused that the second accused was arrested.

The witness further testified that the second accused was interrogated and led the investigators to the recovery of the said bag and its contents.

The witness told the court that on 15 September, 2023, the second accused led investigators to the taxi driver, Abdoulie Drammeh, who confirmed he was hired by the second accused from Brikama to where he picked Ousainou Bojang and dropped them at The Gambia border village of Jiboro.

The witness also told the court that during the course of investigation, the motorcyclist was interrogated and he confirmed to have taken the suspect to Senegal.

The witness revealed that as the investigation continued, the police recovered three cartridges which were sent to the defence headquarters for ballistic test.

The witness further revealed that postmortem report of the slained Pateh Jallow and Sang Gomez addressed to the IGP was received on 29  September.

The witness also told the court that they found a black pistol on the ground while the suspect was fleeing the crime scene.

The witness told the court that during investigation, they found one Lamin Fofana, a resident of the area around the crime scene who informed him that on the day of the alleged incident, he was sitting outside when he saw a group of people chasing an individual who was wearing a haftan and they shouted for help to stop the said individual.

The witness told the court that Lamin Fofana found the individual and he wrestled the man down but the man hit him with an object and ran and as he tried to chase him, the man threw the object at him but the object landed on the fence.

The witness revealed that after a short pursuit, he came back to check the object and realised it was a pistol.

The witness disclosed that the report of the ballistic test showed that empty cartridges that were recovered from the crime scene were fired by the pistol recovered.

Hearing continues on 25 March.

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