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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Man acquitted on drug charges at Brikama

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By Bruce Asemota

One Hajie Cham was acquitted and discharged by Magistrate Peter Che of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court on drug charges after the prosecution failed to prove its case against him.

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The prosecution alleged that Hajie Cham was found with 3kg 320 grams of Cannabis in 2018 at Kanfenda Police Checkpoint.

However, presiding Magistrate Peter Che delivering judgment in the case disclosed that Hajie Cham pleaded not guilty to the charge of possession of prohibited drug for the purpose of trafficking and the prosecution called 6 witnesses and tendered exhibits such as the analytical report, weighing certificate and four big bundles of suspected drugs.

Magistrate Che disclosed that it was the prosecution’s case that the said drug was found on top of a gele gele vehicle but queried why the driver and/or the apprentice was not called as witnesses.

He asserted that the court can only act on facts and evidence and not speculations, adding that the prosecution was unable to prove the case against the accused person who was accordingly acquitted and discharged.

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