Man denies raping ‘granddaughter’


In his defence, the Tallinding man, told the judge that he was forced to thumbprint his cautionary and voluntary statements at the police headquarters in Banjul. “Two police officers held my hand and forced me to thumbprint [the statements],” he said. 

When told by his counsel, Edrisa Sissoho, that the police said he willingly dictated the statement and thumbprinted it on his own accord, he said: “That’s not true. I couldn’t resist because I’m not educated and I don’t want them to injure me.”

It is alleged that the accused unlawfully had carnal knowledge of the victim (name withheld) without her consent. He has however pleaded “not guilty” to this charge. According to him, the victim is a granddaughter to his wife and that he never had sex with the victim.


The accused who is the guardian of the victim said: “She and her mother made this allegation because I drove her (the girl) out of my compound.” The trial will resume tomorrow for cross-examination of the witness.

By Binta Bah