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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Man falls off ferry, drowns

By Lamin Cham

A so-far unidentified man yesterday fell off the Kunta Kinteh ferry in mid water.
Eyewitness on board the 7 o’clock ferry heading to Barra reported seeing a man dressed in suit plunged into the water.

A sudden alarm was raised as pandemonium broke in the ferry. The captain and his crew called for calm as the situation was assessed.

According to an eyewitness who was traveling with his nephew on the Kunta Kunteh, there was no trace of the man all the time the ferry stopped in the middle of the water as ferry officials contacted the fire and ambulance service as well as the Navy about the incident.

It was not clear whether the man jumped into the water intentionally or lost his balance and fell over. Up until press time last night, a frenzied search was underway for the missing passenger.s

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