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Man jailed for raping 13-year-old girl

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By Omar Bah

Justice Z. Jawara Alami of the High Court has recently sentenced one Buba Singhateh to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for abducting and raping a 13-year-old girl.

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Buba Singhateh was accused of unlawfully abducting and having carnal knowledge of the girl in December 2014.

In the plea of mitigation, the defence lawyer argued that the convict is 36 years old and was about to get married by the time the incident happened and having lost his father few years ago, he is the breadwinner of the family.

The lawyer also argued that the convict has been in detention for almost five years.

Justice Z. Jawara said the convict had not only abducted and raped the 13-year-old girl but also caused her to suffer a mentaltorture.

“You kept her locked up for days inside a room in your house where no one could hear her for help and fed her only porridge.

You threatened to unleash a dog on her if she tried to escape, as such not only was the victim held against her will and raped more than one occasion, but also, she was in constant fear,” she added.

Justice Jawara said that was not only barbaric, but clearly repugnant in itself and against the morals of a civilized society in which the rights of all should be respected.

“This 13 year old girl of diminished capacity also has rights within our society, rights that you being familiar with her, as you were from the same area, should have protected.

In view of the foregoing and Section 29 of Criminal Code but being mindful of the young life you may have destroyed I hereby sentence you to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for the offence of rape and five years for abduction, both sentences shall run concurrently,” the judge concluded.

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