By Omar Bah

Yankuba Suso, a Gambian resident in Turkey who recently made death threats against President Adama Barrow and the first lady, has confirmed to The Standard that he was arraigned in an Istanbul court in Turkey last Thursday.

Suso, who identified himself as a native of Niani Kuntaur and claimed to be part of the security detail of President-Elect Barrow during the 2016/17 political impasse, released an audio on the social media two weeks ago threatening to assassinate the president and his wife.


Government spokesman Ebrima Sankareh told West Radio Coffee Time programme on Monday that Suso was apprehended in Turkey and will face justice in Turkey.

However speaking to The Standard from his base in Istanbul yesterday, Yankuba Suso said: “I was arrested by the Turkish anti-crime police at around 3am last Thursday and taken to court on the same day. I was asked whether I was the one who released the audio. I said yes. I told the court that I didn’t mean it. That I was just angry about the way President Barrow is treating Gambians who laid down their lives for him to win the election.”

Suso said he was later released and asked to go home and would be called if needed. He said the court has barred him from traveling outside Turkey and asked him to be reporting to the nearest police every Monday.

Suso said The Gambia government identified him as a terrorist to the Turkish authorities. 

“The government through the Gambia Embassy in Turkey and consul Suntou Touray in the UK wanted me deported. But when the Turkish police took me to the Turkish Deportation Centre they refused to accept me because there was no authorisation from the courts,” he alleged.

When contacted, Mr Touray said: “I had no clue and I have no jurisdiction to influence his deportation. I am not even aware until when his friend called to tell me about it. I publicly advised him to retract his statement and correct his message.”

The Turkish Embassy could not be reached for comments. However when asked whether Suso’s arrest came through the influence of the government, Spokesman Sankareh said: “All I know is that Suso is going to face justice for his actions”.