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Man withdraws decision to sue IGP

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By Omar Bah

Abdul Aziz Kah, who recently told The Standard he was going to sue the Inspector General of Police for alleged police maltreatment has retracted his decision after consultations with his family and party executive.
Kah recently alleged that he was maltreated by the Police Intervention Unit at the Banjul ferry terminal on the day before Tobaski. “After talking to my party leaders at the GDC and family, I have decided to forgive the PIU officers who maltreated me at the Banjul terminal,” he told The Standard.
He said apparently the PIU officers were not sent by the IGP to maltreat him and out of deference to the police chief he has decided to “open a new page”.

“However, I would like to advise the IGP to continue orienting his subordinates on the laws of the land so that they would stop putting the law into their own hands. The police should understand that we are all Gambians and deserve to be treated fairly and equally irrespective of political affiliation,” he added.
He said it is disappointing that the wrongs that were fraught in Jammeh’s government  are persistent in New Gambia.

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