Mankamang Kunda drug suspect finally arrested, charged


By Omar Bah

The spokesperson of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency has confirmed the arrest of the ‘notorious’ cannabis dealer in Mankamang Kunda.

“Bubacarr Manneh was arrested today [Tuesday 27 April 2021], at Sarreh Manson in the morning, while he was heading to the Sarreh Bojo weekly Lumo. He is currently under the custody of Basse DLEAG office and he is charged and placed in cell while the investigations continue. He is already charged with obstruction,” DLEAG spokesperson Lamin Saidybah told The Standard Tuesday.


He said a bail option has been opened for the suspect while investigators wrap up their work and complete their files for eventual prosecution.

“The offence is bailable and it’s almost 72 hours, so they would have to open bail. It is now up to him to fulfil those conditions and secure his release,” he said.

Officers of the DLEAG said they were earlier this month obstructed in Mankamang Kunda when they attempted to arrest Bubacarr Manneh, a perceived notorious cannabis dealer in the village.

The narcotics officers reportedly went to the president’s home village to arrest Mr Manneh, who they suspected of being in possession of cannabis. Bubacarr was in a previous case, arrested a few months ago for being in possession of 600g of cannabis and charged. He was fined D50, 000. In April 2020, one Abdoulie Baldeh, 30, was also arrested in Mankamang Kunda with two bundles of cannabis.