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Marie Madeline

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Age: 21 years

Status: single

From: Old Yundum

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Star sign: Aries

Languages: Manjago, Mandinka, English, French and Portuguese

Pet or Nickname: Lady Pama

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Work: Student

Course: Computer science

Why: I love coding and designing. Computer science will broaden my knowledge on technology and how it works.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite pastime: Going for outings with friends

Favourite author: Ayn Rand (author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged)

Favourite politician: Mamma Kandeh

Why: He cares for the needy and the youths 

Favourite musician: Myself

Last book read: The Last Ship

How do you spend your weekend: I spend my weekend with family. I try as much not to go out during weekends because I am always busy with studies.

One thing you would like to change: I wish one day people see each other as equals.

Dream: I will love to be someone great that people will look up to as a mentor and an inspiration.

Dream holiday: Somewhere in the Maldives.

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