Mayor Bensouda urges KM residents to be active in politics


In his weekly message to the residents of Kanifing Municipality Mayor Talib Bensouda has asked the people of his area to participate and become active in the governance process of the country.

The full text of the mayor’s message reads: “We share a common concern about the challenges we face in our country. The sky-rocketing cost of living is almost unbearable for the less privileged. We have all been impacted by the 35 to 50 percent increment in the cost of electricity for domestic and commercial use. The dalasis continues to depreciate against international currencies and we are yet to address the core causes of seasonal urban flooding. By all accounts, 2023 will be challenging for us as residents of Kanifing. It is therefore even more important for us to participate and become active in the governance process of our country. We must scrutinise and select our leaders properly by choosing those from amongst us that are aware of these common challenges and propose solutions.

During election periods we have an opportunity to revisit the track records, competence and plans of our leaders. This is a serious process that we must participate in to ensure a brighter future.


Unfortunately, during this period misinformation and disinformation spread like wildfire and this can have serious consequences on our democracy. It can also prevent us from making informed decisions that are in our best interest and the interest of our beloved country. It is important to understand the difference between misinformation and disinformation. Misinformation is when false information is spread without intent to deceive, while disinformation is intentionally spread to deceive people. Both can be damaging and can lead to wrong decisions being made. During elections, it is important that we do not fall victim to these harmful practices. We need to be vigilant and fact-check information before we believe and share it. We should not allow our political affiliations to blind us to the truth. We should demand that candidates engage in issues-driven politics and not resort to lies and deceit to win elections. As citizens, we have the power to shape our democracy by participating in elections and demanding accountability from our leaders. We must exercise this power by registering to vote and by showing up to the polls on Election Day. Our votes are our voice, and we should use it to elect leaders who have our best interest at heart. The Gambia is running out of time. We must recognise the urgency of our shared condition and seek to turn a new page. We must demand results and a better quality of life now.

Let us work together to create a society that values truth, transparency, and accountability. Let us reject misinformation and disinformation and demand issues-driven politics. Only then can we can create the future we desire for ourselves and our children”.