Mayor Colley faces Commission today


By Baba Sillah

Mayor Yankuba Colley of KMC will appear before the Janneh Commission today to shed light on matters dealing with mobilisation funds of two state visits by foreign leaders, a source told The Standard.
Meanwhile Nuha Touray, former secretary to cabinet yesterday reappeared in connection to a PAC/PEC account operated at the office of the former president.

According to him when a PAC/PEC report was submitted to the office of the former president, he recommended for a taskforce to be set up and the Chairman was the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Lamin AMS Jobarteh while he Touray served as secretary for a brief period and was replaced by one Mariama Njie.


He said the opening of the account at Trust Bank was a directive from the former president but the request for the opening of the account was made by him. However, he said the bank could not have opened the account without the authority from the ministry of finance.

According to him, the purpose of the account was to enable them deposit monies recovered from public enterprises and his actions were based on the directives he received from the former president while he acted on behalf of Njogu Bah, the secretary general at the time.

On the signatories of the account, he informed the Commission that he and Kalilou Bayo were the signatories to the account. He added that AMRC requested to be paid the sum of D3.8 Million dalasi which he said was the reason of creating signatories to the account, as the funds recovered were blocked into a fixed deposit account.

With regard to a contract he signed for the building of a guard house at State House, he said he could not remember the amount involved for the said contract unless he peruses the contract documents.
Mr Touray said people who owed AMRC money were summoned by the taskforce to pay.