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Mayor Lowe raps on BCC achievements 

Mayor Lowe raps on BCC achievements 

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By Amadou Jadama

The mayor of Banjul, Rohey Malick Lowe has unveiled the achievements registered by the Banjul City Council since she took office four years ago.

At a townhall meeting in Makumba Jallow (Dobson) Street in Banjul South Constituency over the weekend, the mayor listed achievements and lamented the challenges faced by the council.

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She said: “It is important to note the developments because they based on the manifesto that I sold to the people of Banjul during my campaign, which is in line with the National Development Plan and the Banjul Strategic Plan.”

She said she provided D10 million loan scheme with minimal administrative cost attached to empower the women of Banjul. “The Refela (Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa), activities also complemented council’s efforts. [We have] paid medical bills for inhabitants who were seriously ill and donated two well-equipped ambulances to EFSTH and Banjul Red Cross Society.”

She said a range of stationaries were donated to schools across Banjul.

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“Other useful materials were also donated to refurnish libraries, including waste bins, sanitary materials, bleach, buckets, and facemasks. We have also helped teachers in the areas of capacity building by sending them abroad for bilateral studies,” she disclosed.

She praised the positive transformations registered in the city’s waste managing system.

“We have supplied free trash cans or waste bins to each and every compound in the city and they now collect the waste twice every week from each compound. My council acquired four waste trucks. Before coming into office, the council was operating without waste trucks. We also mobilised the counterpart contribution funds for the building of the BCC complex and the Youth for Excellence Centre,” she noted.

She said they have sponsored Banjulians to attend international conferences in Ghana, Nepal, Scotland, and Senegal, and supported culture, music and religious activities. The mayor said under her watch, aid was provided to victims of disasters.

She added, “The building of the smart hub with eight classes at the Crab Island School is ongoing and will accommodate a community radio, TV and a music centre.”

Good governance

She said the council embarked on a massive restructuring programme to uproot ghost workers. “The establishment of the procurement office with qualified officers has helped minimised slippages and regularised procurements at the council. This has yielded dividends.

“We have also appointed a qualified finance director and reinforced the accounts department with equipment and personnel. The establishment of the records office has helped with the proper filling of staf as well as the recruitment of more city security guards.”

She said they have introduced a digital clock-in, clock-out system, brought electricity back to the council, and upgraded the capacity of staff through capacity building.

“In recognising the invaluable contribution of council’s staff to attaining prime objectives, the council embarked on salary and allowance increment for all staff and councillors,” she reported. 

She lamented the lack of collaboration between her council and institutions including business establishments in the city, as well as lack of collaboration from National Assembly Members, as some of the challenges.

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