Mayor Lowe says she will not seek a third term

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By Omar Bah

The newly re-elected mayor of Banjul, Rohey Lowe, has confirmed to The Standard yesterday that her new term will be her last in office.

Mayor Lowe defeated NPP’s Ebou Faye to secure her second term in office in a hotly contested poll on Saturday.


Commenting on her political future for the first time, Mayor Lowe said: “This is my last mandate as mayor of Banjul. I respect the term limit and I am willing to champion it by leading by example. I believe term limits would ameliorate many of The Gambia’s most serious political problems by counterbalancing incumbent advantages and also minimise the amount of power any one person can gain over a period of time. History has shown that term limits strengthen democratic institutions over the long term and help ensure peaceful political transition. It prevents any one party or person from controlling indefinitely, gets rid of career politicians, and cuts corruption,” she said.


Reacting to suggestions that the attestations she issued helped her re-election bid, Mayor Lowe argued: “Where were the attestations during the presidential and councillorship elections because the UDP lost both elections to the NPP? So, my response is, the people of Banjul have voted for development hands down and I want those complaining to please stop the rhetoric and join me to develop Banjul.”

She expressed her desire to reunite the people of Banjul under one umbrella but could not help making a sarcastic dig at her opponent.

“I also want to congratulate Ebou Faye and the cartel for a strong fight,” she said.