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By Lamin Cham

Pa Modou Mbowe, a staunch APRC supporter and former managing director of The Daily Observer, has confirmed to The Standard that he spoke to former president Yahya Jammeh who informed him that the APRC will not go into a coalition with any party especially the NPP.

According to Mr Mbowe, the conversation took place about two weeks ago as he led a negotiation mission to Central River Region to fix a misunderstanding between APRC supporters there which has been successfully settled.

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”The conversation with Babili Mansa took place in front of Amie Jatta who followed every word as the phone was on loud speaker and Jammeh also used the occasion to praise all party supporters. He made it clear that APRC would not form alliance with any party,” Mbowe said.

Asked about the reported negotiations between APRC executive and President Barrow’s NPP, Mbowe said he has no idea about that because he was not consulted by the executive committee. The Standard contacted APRC spokesman, Musa Amul Nyassi who said while he cannot dispute Mr Mbowe’s claims, the APRC executive too has not done anything without the knowledge of Jammeh. “The executive committee was elected by the people to act on their behalf in matters dealing with the party and we are doing just that,” he said.

Mr Nyassi said so far, the APRC has not signed or entered into any concrete agreement with any party.

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“All what is going on are consultations,” he said.

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