MCC adds Gambia on regional partnership


Alongside Senegal, Togo and Mauritania, The Gambia has been added on the list of countries for the Corporation’s MCC Directors in Washington to be partnering with, within the region. Although a good deal, it is not yet a done one.

MCC is a process, therefore there are different stages each of these countries has to go through before accessing those funds, the very reason why words being used by the authorities in Washington are balanced within a given context. Here it is not only about pure financial language or interpretation of what is monetary in our mindset, or simply put, in the package. It is beyond that! It is a combination of financial cum economic language, diplomatic language, political language, project analysis, the expertise of grant writers, economic intelligence and ultimately putting on the table internationally convincing grants and or projects .

We may have so many projects in store as we speak but are all projects acceptable at the level of the Corporate MCC Directors level in Washington DC?


Mark you Washington DC or the Washington belt way is an active hub of global activities whose radars are never “dormant”! They remain active in space and on earth and can remotely access anything be it digital or human intelligence. What we must avoid is deriving things from existing data or plagiarised grants. Let’s begin from scratch, associate all the variables within a genuine mindset that must be guided by honesty and sincerity. Let enhancing the lives of our citizens or the common good remain center stage in any grant or project we forward to Washington DC.

Know it or not, believe it or not, Washington gathers everything and anything needed or necessary beyond what we can all imagine. Their target is always for citizens of those nations they are partnering with in the region, to access the resources without hurdles like corruption or any other hindrance. Authorities in Washington have to because they are also answerable to checks and balances.

 What do they use to get accurate or near accurate details while monitoring those projects? Direct, indirect, remote and close feeders on every aspect however remote it is or maybe. Washington pays attention to details where it is about funding projects especially where the partnership is in one way or the other linked to protecting America’s interest abroad. Make no mistake about it enhancing the lives of the beneficiaries in this case being the Gambian citizens is the number one target.

One word that does turn the “light off” though, particularly in the minds of those who would be monitoring these projects (when they are approved) is CORRUPTION! On the other hand, or at this stage, my advise is for this news not to be interpreted in the wrong way. The funds are yet to be released! Let no one create euphoria out of this for now. Lest we want to forget how the EU pledges were amplified and misconstrued! We should be sensitising our people to understand things when it is about funding, grants, loans and so forth.

Where are we at as far as the MCC is concern?

In a nut shell it is like an interview. We have been shortlisted, next is for Gambia to face the panelists with a convincing CV or resume with achievements.

Essa Bokar Sey