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Medical assoc, young doctors express ‘alarm’

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The Medical and Dental Association of The Gambia (MDAG) and its sister body the Association of Resident Doctors, The Gambia (GARD) last night issued a press release expressing their “alarm at the purported remarks about ‘young doctors’ attributed to the Minister of Health and Social Welfare,” published in The Standard newspaper on February 28, under the headline, ‘Corruption Hindering Health Sector’.”

The two associations in their joint statement, wrote: “We unreservedly condemn the spirit and letter of the article, and we hope that the alleged remarks herein are an inadvertent miscommunication. While working to establish their veracity, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, should it be confirmed that the alleged remarks were correctly attributed to the minister.”

Meanwhile, members of GARD, led by their president Ebrima Bah, visited The Standard offices and had discussions with the editor, Lamin Cham, and the author of the report Omar Bah.
Mr Bah said he stood by his story and availed Dr Bah and his colleagues the opportunity to listen to an audio recording of the minister.
Meanwhile, the minister has reportedly said the report was a distortion of her statement. We await her response.

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