Members want tough action to curb killings

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By Omar Bah

Lower Saloum NAM Sainey Jawara has said the number of homicide cases in the country is alarming. 

“I am saying whoever kills should be killed in turn. This is what President Jammeh was doing here and everything stopped. The boy who was killed recently was very skillful and a national asset with a bright future. And now he is lost,” he mourned.


The lawmaker also raised concerns about corruption. “The government should address the issues of corruption because it is everywhere and we will say – you see government officials appointed into office within six weeks they will start building a mansion and an expensive car. This is why donor projects are not yielding driving – all the monies are going into individual pockets,” he alleged.

The NAM for Kiang West, Lamin Ceesay urged the National Assembly to summon the Minister of Health to come and explain how the ministry expended the millions allocated to them over the past years.

“I am very disappointed with the president’s claims that the biggest achievement of the health sector is Health Insurance. How can you use a government policy that is yet to be implemented as a benchmark? When the president was making that statement there were children dying while women were giving birth at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and there was no water to sanitise them,” he said.