MFDC Diakaye faction to lay down arms


In the Casamance region, the MFDC Faction of Diakaye signed an arms laying down agreement with the state of Senegal in Cabrousse on Friday. Under the terms of the agreement, the independent organisation Malao was chosen to oversee the collection and destruction of the weapons within three months.

The collective of civil society organisations in Casamance facilitated the conclusion of this agreement, reports Rfm. The Diakaye thus responded favourably to the outstretched hand of the head of state Macky Sall towards the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance.

During his stay in Sédhiou, President Sall invited the members of the MFDC to “definitively bury the hatchet and to work resolutely towards the laying down of arms”. This invitation was made in front of a large crowd in the heart of Balantacouda, a border town with the Ziguinchor region considered to be the epicentre of the Casamance conflict.


President Sall also undertook to support the members of the MFDC in their reintegration and in the development of the entire territory of Casamance.