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Minister vows to curb exploitation of food prices

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By Kaddy Jawo

The minister of trade, regional integration, industry and employment Amadou Sanneh has said that The Gambia government has the obligation to ensuring that the market does not exploit people and that essential food commodities including rice are available and accessible to consumers.
Addressing national assembly members recently, Minister Sanneh said his ministry will continue to regulate and monitor the stock and prices of food commodities on a weekly basis.
He also revealed that his ministry will ensure that all the major importers of essential commodities submit the wholesale prices of those commodities on a weekly basis.
Meanwhile the Vice President and minister for women’s affairs Ousainu Darboe too faced lawmakers on matters under his ministry.

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The member for Kiang West, Fakebba NL Colley asked the vice president to clarify how women councilors are elected in the various constituencies across the country.
The VP responded that the Women’s Act 2010 which established the National Women’s Council under section 58(1) prescribes for lady councilors to be appointed by the minister for women’s affairs and not through elections.

“The minister appoints in each electoral constituency one female representative from each local government council; one each from the ministry of agriculture, ministry of health and social welfare from the private sector, one from each of the two main regions of the country and one from the non- governmental organization and a female legal practitioner from the Attorney General’s chambers,” he explained.
He further told lawmakers that the chairman of the council is appointed by the president from amongst the members whilst the vice chairperson is selected by members appointed.

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