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Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy 2022 accomplishments

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1. Upgrade and expansion of the government 4G LTE infrastructure –

o          The LTE was established to provide wireless broadband connection to government institutions and officials

o          CPE routers are issued for offices while internet dongles are issued to officials

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o          The Four (4) initial bases stations implemented in Banjul, Serekunda, Kotu and Abuko were upgraded

o          The LTE Core in Abuko was also upgraded

o          Four (4) new base stations were established in Brusubi, Yundum, Brikama and Basse making it a total of eight (8) base stations across the country.

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2. Digital addressing initiative –

o          The pilot project was successfully implemented in Banjul in partnership with Banjul City Council (BCC) with 2,464 address boards in total covering all properties. 

o          The second phase was implemented in the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) in partnership with the council and a total of 32,000 address boards covering all properties.

o          The third phase of the project is currently been implemented in the West Coast Region starting with Kombo North.

o          According to the survey conducted by the team, 48,770 addresses were generated from the properties in Kombo North.

o          This represents almost double the number of properties provided by Brikama Area Council, indicating that a good percentage of the properties are not captured in the property database.

o          Once the addressing is completed, BAC is expected to generate significant increase in revenue.

3. Revival of the government email system (.gov.gm) –

o          A new collaborative email platform was launched for the official government emailing system.

o          The new platform will serve as the communication platform for all official government communication.

o          A total of 2500 email accounts have been created so far for public servants.

o          A draft Government Email Policy is expected to be tabled in Cabinet for adoption.

o          The government Email Policy is expected to compel all government officials to use the government emails for official communication.

4. Signing and Ratification of the AU Malabo Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection –

o          The Gambia signed the convention in November 2022 during the Global Internet Governance Forum held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

o          The convention gives the country an opportunity to be part of the global community in the enforcement of cybersecurity related matters.

o          It also gives the country an opportunity to collaborate with partners in the fights against cybercrime.

o          Additionally, it allows for collaboration in the protection of fundamental rights and public freedoms, particularly the protection of physical data.

o          It also gives the country the opportunity to collaborate in capacity building and specialised trainings on issues relating to cybersecurity as a signatory.

5. Cabinet adoption of the National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy –

o          The National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy adopted by Cabinet seeks to build a robust national capability at strategic, and operational levels with programs to identify, prevent, protect, detect, respond and manage threats to critical information infrastructure.

o          It is the guiding document to achieving the cybersecurity agenda.

o          The Policy also envisions the harmonization of national cyber security policies and programs including institutional foundations, with cyber infrastructure protection across all sectors.

o          The strategy includes a costed implementation roadmap to achieve the cybersecurity agenda

6. Cybercrime Bill –

o          The Cybercrime Bill is the law guiding all cybercrime related activities

o          The bill was adopted by Cabinet with some few amendments.

o          The bill is expected to be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration and adoption.

o          The bill provides for cyber infringements, for investigating cybercrime and other criminal infringements committed by means of computer systems, and for connected matters.

7. ECOWAS Free Roaming Regulations –

o          The regulation on ECOWAS Free Roaming was tabled in Cabinet earlier this month.

o          The regulation seeks to eliminate the charges relating to roaming across the ECOWAS region.

o          This adoption of the regulation will bring in more revenues to the telcos as a result of increase in volume as more customers will use roaming when they travel within the ECOWAS region.

o          It will also serve as cost savings for consumers in charges relation to roaming calls

o          It will also decrease the burden on consumers trying to get local sim cards whenever they travel outside their countries.

8. Feasibility of the establishment of tech hubs at the UTG and regional innovation hubs across the country –

o          the feasibility study was conducted by the University of the Gambia Research and Consultancy Directorate.

o          The study seeks to adopt the right strategy to implement and sustain a Tech Hub at the UTG.

o          The study also seeks to advice on the implementation model of innovation hubs across the country and their sustainability.

o          The tech and innovation hubs are expected to spur research, development and entrepreneurship.

o          It will also serve as incubation hubs and provide the conducive environment for startups.

9. Signing of agreement with Digital Co-operation Organisation (DCO) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia –

o          The Ministry signed an agreement with DCO as one of the founding member countries.

o          DCO seek to enable digital prosperity for all by accelerating the inclusive growth of the digital economy.

o          The Gambia is expected to benefit tremendously from series of cooperations in capacity building programs, sharing knowledge in feasibility studies, implementation of key digital projects, etc.

High level discussions on the following:

1.         Second Submarine Cable

2.         Implementation of a robust Payment Gateway Switch for the country

3.         Implementation of a Tier 4 Datacentre –

4.         E-Governance

5.         Digital Identify

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