Modou Lo thrills Gambian fans at weekend combat


Affectionately known by his moniker ‘Kharange’ (mature) in Wolof, Modou Lo told equally thrilled journalists that he came to The Gambia to honour an invitation by the ‘Kharange Promotions’ the organisers of the weekend combat which he said gave him a chance to meet his fans in the country.

”I have always known that the people of The Gambia and Senegal are the same, and I love The Gambia just as Senegal,” Lo said. The star also praised the efforts of Gambian promoters in developing wrestling in the country.

The promoter of the weekend combat, Pap Joof, expressed his glee over the success of the event vowing to continue organising more “enticing clashes”. He said Modou Lo’s presence glorified the day even further.


After the ceremonial razzmatazz, the park was filled with loud cheers as the junior wrestlers took to the field eager to impress the crowd. Bebe Kharagne defeated Ceesay II while Bebe Modou Lo defeated Bebe Ama, both in grueling combats. Bala Jnr defeated Mandela, Begue threw down Babylon while France defeated 50.

The stage was then set for the grand bout featuring  Ginneh Mori of Serekunda Saku Mbollor Club and Jokadu of Mara, Ibo Town club.

The two heavyweight wrestlers sized up in a tense bout that lasted 32 minutes, with each initiating clever tricks but all falling short of throwing the other. In the end the referee declared the combat a stalemate, bringing a great spectacle to an anticlimatic conclusion.


By Sise Sawaneh