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More revelations at Janneh Commission on Gam Petroleum

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By Baba Sillah

The former finance manager of Gam Petroleum, Alhagie Jabang has disclosed to the Janneh Commission that the former general manger of the company, Michael was the mediator between the officials of the company and the exiled former general Saul Badgie.

Mr Jabang was testifying before the inquiry last week in connection with the donations made to the former president and the renamed National Intelligence Agency.
He also pointed out that he had no power at the time to singlehandedly waive a loan of D20 million owed by Eagle Company.

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According to him, he worked for the company from June 2015 to November 2015 as finance manager when he took over from Wael Saade.
He recalled that Euro Africa Group at the time was managing the accounts of Gam Petroleum but when he assumed office, he asked certain questions so as to acquaint himself with the financial system of the company.

Mr Jabang also claimed that he asked the officials whether they had a budget among others but they replied in the negative and as a result, he went to find out from Fadi Mazegi as the initial plan was for him to work with the Euro Africa Finance Department for two weeks but instead he decided to work at the depot at Mandinary.
Mr Jabang further testified that 75 computers were mentioned in the list during the inventory but could not trace them when he tried to find out their whereabouts.

He said that he could not find out the situation of the badge, mooring boat, tugboat and cost of tools amounting to D42 million and no one could tell him anything about them.
The witness also confirmed the discrepancy of over D21 million and the sum of D15 million as the difference they noticed during reconciliation of the accounts with Euro Africa Group on 19 August 2017, noting that he was not given a standalone system to manage Gam Petroleum.

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Mr Jabang said he made effort in order to address the situation, including several meetings with regard to the D15 million but they never complied on the ground that if they abided by the exchange rate it would not be favourable to them.
According to him, the matter had been going on for a while until there was a change, which had even prompted him to suggest for legal action against Eagle.

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