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Muhammed Jammeh Foundation doubles efforts to help communities in Gambia

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By Amadou Jadama

Established in 2022, the Muhammed Jammeh Foundation for Sustainable Development has been at the forefront of helping the poor and needy communities in The Gambia as well as complementing government’s efforts.

It is a charitable organization with over 100 members and a fully fledged executive committee.

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Muhammed Jammeh, the founder and native of Mandorr in Central Baddibu, is currently residing in the US.

Speaking to The Standard, Almameh Jaiteh, vice chairman of the foundation, said: “Since the formation of this Foundation, the CEO Muhammed Jammeh has contributed immensely in the development of this country. Among them, he built a lower basic school in Mandorr at a tune of three million dalasi upon appeal by our National Assembly Member, Sulayman Saho,” he said.

“He also dug many boreholes across the country, and provided gardens for women. He is paying medical bills for patients, school fees for students who cannot afford to pay and also helping the flood victims.” 

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He said Mr Jammeh established the Foundation to empower people, particularly the less privilege irrespective of political affiliations.

He urged Gambians to join and work with the CEO Jammeh.

“We the executive members deem it fitting to organise a fundraising which will be held on 5 July on Friday at Semega Janneh Hall, so that we can extend more boreholes and assist other needy people in the country. We want to assist Muhammed raise some funds because he is the one doing it all.”

He urged everyone to attend the event and contribute to national development efforts.

“Our CEO Muhammed Jammeh is a real patriotic citizen whose aim is always how to help people and develop this country. Our doors are open to everybody  because we are a development oriented eoundation,” he added.

“We have elected the government to improve our lives but we understand that the government cannot do it all alone. We the citizens, should also contribute our quota to the development of the  our country. And this is why we in Muhammed Jammeh Foundation are contributing our quota, and we will continue to empower Gambians, especially the poor and the needy,” he noted.

Mr Jaiteh concluded by calling on the government, NGOs, philanthropists and individuals to join and push the development agenda of the Foundation.  

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