Mysterious fire leaves family of 10 homeless


By Amadou Jadama

A mysterious morning blaze has left the Ndow family of Baddibu homeless.

Around 10am Thursday, a self-contained apartment in kubanmarr village in upper Baddibu district went up in flames and razed to ashes valuables including foodstuff and furniture.


The cause of the fire remains unclear although no lives were lost.

Speaking to The Standard, the family head, Lamin Ndow, said: “I just placed my lighter and my two phones on my bed and then stepped out. While I was coming back, I saw flames coming out from the top of my roof. That was the time I shouted for help.”

The villagers quickly intervened using buckets of water to douse the rising fire, Mr Ndow said.

“They tried a lot to put off the fire but it was too late and the entire building just perished,” a sorry-looking Ndow explained.

He said nothing escaped the fire. “Our entire belongings, from our clothing, foodstuff and a brand-new smart phone that I bought for 4,500 dalasis. There was another simple phone valued at 600 dalasi.”

The year got off to a terrible start for the Ndow family who are now seeking for assistance to put their lives back together.

Government, NGOs or any philanthropists willing to help the Ndow family can contact them on

7533699 or 5182462.