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Naatip boss calls for war on human trafficking as Gambia remains ‘vulnerable’

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By Tabora Bojang The Executive Director of the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, (NAATIP) is calling for a global war on human trafficking, as she admits the “vulnerability” of The Gambia in its face. Ms Tulai Jawara Ceesay said an intense and robust collaboration is needed to curb trafficking in persons particularly in The Gambia, which remains “a transit route, and destination due to its geographical and porous borders.” She condemned the prohibited business, which she said is “one of the fastest growing illegal enterprises and the most profitable transnational organised crime with an estimated 32 billion dollars per year.” Ms Jawara made the declaration of war on the activity at a stakeholder convergence in Kololi. “The country is generally perceived to be a transit route for human trafficking especially against women and children who are often subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking” she added. She said The Gambia in compliance with international conventions and obligations have signed and ratified international conventions to prevent, suppress and punish acts on trafficking in persons especially women and children. Deriding what she described as the country’s “porous borders,” Ms Jawara said: “We are susceptible to this undesirable criminal act that begins with false promise for an opportunity that never arises and in all cases, victims are exploited, deceived and controlled by the trafficker.” As such, she reiterated her institution’s specific mandate, which is to prevent, investigate and prosecute cases of trafficking and forge partnerships with relevant institutions in the fight against human trafficking. According to the US 2017 Trafficking in Person Report, women in The Gambia are being subjected to forced labour, sex trafficking in Middle Eastern countries, including United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Lebanon. The report demands vigorous investigations, prosecution and conviction of traffickers including allegedly complicit government officials and child sex traffickers with stringent sentences.]]>

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