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NAATIP marks world day against trafficking in persons

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The National Agency Against Trafficking In Persons (NAATIP) under the purview of the Ministry of Justice on Saturday 30th July marked World day Against Human Trafficking. The day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution A/RS/68/192.

Trafficking In Persons is a global phenomenon with serious consequences on the rule of law, human rights and human dignity where crime is becoming more sophisticated and criminals more organized. The Gambia signed and ratified the Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish those involve in Trafficking in Persons especially women and children which action supplements the United Nations Conventions against Transnational Organized Crimes.

Every year thousands of women, children and the vulnerable fall prey in the hands of traffickers for labour and sexual exploitation. Victims   are transported to a country away from their origin to work as prostitutes or hard labour with no reward, passports and identity documents taken away from the victims for the purposes of exploitation.

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The General public is further informed that this day is an occasion to educate the populace on the dangers of Trafficking in Persons, raise consciousness of the inhumane practices of traffickers, protection of victims and their rights and to further address the global problem of Trafficking in Human Beings, rescue victims of trafficking and to celebrate achievements of Humanity.

The Chairperson & NAATIP BOARD OF DIRECTORS   call upon all stakeholders in the fight against Trafficking in Persons to join hands and address some of the root causes of trafficking in human beings and to curb Irregular Migration and child labour in our society.

As the theme of this year is “use and abuse of technology it focusses and highlights that technology has significantly exacerbate trafficking in persons and exploitation. The misuse of technology is central to the business model of exploitation from traffickers using technology to advertise women and girls on adult services platform.

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Additionally, technology can be used by smugglers to recruit victims and organize irregular migration.

Technology can also provide important opportunity to respond to the needs of victims and survivors to enhance prosecutions and to aid investigations to raise awareness and to lower the risk of trafficking. Thus, it is essential to partner with technology companies to eradicate the menace of Trafficking in Persons in our society.

The Government of The Gambia recognizes and appreciates the efforts in the fight against Trafficking in Persons. The Government of the Gambia will continue to support and provide the necessary resources required to facilitate the work of first responders. In Line with the United Nations Conventions against Transnational organized crime i.e the Palermo Protocol the Government of the Gambia reaffirms its commitments and determination to address all the interventions to combat trafficking In Persons and to put in places mechanisms to help address the problems in the fight against Trafficking in Persons in the Gambia and beyond.

The public is hereby informed that The Agency amidst COVID 19 is vigorously investigating and prosecuting all suspected cases of Trafficking in Persons in the Gambia to unmask perpetrators and bring them to Justice. 

Any one can be a victim of Trafficking in Persons. Stay alert.

The Government of The Gambia is committed to end trafficking in persons in The Gambia and beyond its borders.

Tulai Jawara Ceesay (Mrs.)

Executive Director


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