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Naked Islamophobia in The Gambia

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Dear Editor,

What is stopping Ousainu Darboe from saying that under a UDP government, Muslim girls will be free to wear the hijab to any school in The Gambia?

Why are Gambians supporting and voting for President Barrow?  In a Muslim majority country, girls are banned from wearing the hijab to go to school?

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And some people are calling Muslim girls who choose to wear the hijab and are banned from attending school religious tolerance?

Oh, it’s the rules of the schools! As if the schools have the right to breach the basic human rights of the individual!

President Barrow will not say anything about the issue and Darboe threw Sabally under the bus for saying whatever he said on the issue.

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Why are Gambians keeping quiet about the most intolerable discrimination against Muslim girls in The Gambia for wearing the hijab going to school?

This is unacceptable!

Muslim girls have to go to court to seek redress against the discrimination of banning them from wearing the hijab.

I didn’t know that’s how things have gotten to on the hijab issue in The Gambia.

The inhumane treatment I was made to understand school going girls are going through in The Gambia for wearing the hijab to school are a flagrant abuse of their basic human rights.

It sounds like Islamophobia on steroids. How can any school in a democracy in 2023 ban Muslim girls from wearing the hijab? It’s called Islamophobia.

The irony is that The Gambia is a Muslim majority country.

And some Muslims support this. One of them is an imam apparently!

Barrow will not say anything. Darboe, who’s supposed to be the father of the nation is hopeless. Halifa thinks that saying something would upset his political constituency, the anti-democratic, Islamophobic political constituency.

Why are you supporting and voting for President Barrow in The Gambia?

I’ve told Gambians a long time ago that President Barrow is an unsuitable president.

How can girls be banned from wearing the hijab going to school in The Gambia?

Clearly I’m not a fan of Darboe – nothing personal, it’s substandard opposition political movement for change for me. Very disappointing!

Broad day light naked Islamophobia in The Gambia and the president will not say anything.

The opposition leader, father of the nation will not say anything:

Halifa is always away with the fairies when it comes to crunch time in Gambian politics. Well done to the girls for taking a court action to have their human rights respected and protected. And Imam Fatty!

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Scotland, UK

Re: Badjie says Mbalit project is Talib’s only achievement

Dear Editor,

Let Bakary Badjie give us a break. What has he achieved as a youths and sport minister for more than five years [sic] with no stadium? All our international football games are played in other countries. Isn’t that shameful enough?

Ousman MK Drammeh


Dear Editor,

Let the NPP candidate Bakary Badjie tell us what did he achieve in his ministry. He didn’t achieve anything and that is why he always tells people that Mayor Talib Bensouda this and Mayor Talib Bensouda that. Bakary should tell the people of the Kanifing municipality what he has achieved and what plans he has for the municipality.

Pablo DiCanio


Dear Editor,

I thought Bakary Badjie was the very person saying the Mbalit project was a scam and now he is saying it is an achievement and the only success recorded by Mayor Talib Bensouda.  I don’t think Bakary Badjie is serious. What can he offer to the residents of the Kanifing municipality that Talib cannot. He should give us a break .

Pa Alagie Corr


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