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NAMs urge int’l cooperation to ensure justice for ‘terrorist attack’

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They called on the United Nations, African Union, Ecowas and the International Criminal Court to work with the Gambia government in bringing the perpetrators to book, while putting in place mechanism to avert a similar attack in the future. 

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“We call on the UN, AU, Ecowas and the ICC to prevail on the host countries of Gambian dissidents to comply with international laws on granting of asylum, and obligations not to plan, finance or direct any terrorist acts of aggression against The Gambia from their jurisdictions. We urge the government of The Gambia to transmit these instruments of ratification to the UN, AU, Ecowas, ICC and the state-parties of the USA, UK and Germany through the usual diplomatic channels.  

“We call on all Gambians at home and abroad, to condemn and resist any attempts to seize political power by violent and undemocratic means. We call on the elected representatives of the peoples of the USA, UK and Germany to prevail on their respective governments and state-parties not to allow Gambian dissidents in their jurisdictions to launch terrorist attacks in The Gambia from their countries. This is very critical if asylum is not to be a recipe for impunity or licence for terrorism on another state,” the NAMs said in their resolution. 

The lawmakers also praised the armed and security men in the country for their “patriotism and gallantry” in averting the ‘terrorist attack’.  

The Majority Leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta  said the security of The Gambia and the Gambian people will never be compromised “at any cost”.

He added: “The democratic space in the country is wide enough for anybody who wants to be president from the diaspora to come and register their party and partake in the democratic process. Any violent threat against the security of the Gambian people will not be taken lightly”. 

Tombong Jatta also welcomed the arrest of  Gambian dissidents  by the US officials, who stand accused of  taking part in the attack on  State House. 


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