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”Today we received proposals from members of the GFF putting forward candidates for nominations for this elections and  after due process  the names of the actual nominee or nominees would be declared to the public,” he said.

Jabbie also observed that after touring the country, the NC have able to connect to the hearts and minds of the regional stakeholders, hear their  concerns and aspirations these would be reflected in the overall report and work of the NC and even under future GFF leaderships. ‘In the meantime we wish to assure Gambians of our undiluted resolution to carry out our mandate to the best of our abilities, ‘he said.

The Normalisation Committee was appointed by Fifa after the World football governing body removed the former executive on July 10.They have been mandated to hold elections now set for September 20. Six persons have sought nominations for the presidential elections. They are former presidents Seedy Kinteh  and  Mustapha Kebbeh,as  well as new comers Kaba Bajo, Buba Bojang , Omar Danso and former Secretay Genral Kebba Yorro Mannek


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