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‘NCP is no second fiddle to anyone’

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By Amadou Jadama

The interim leader of the National Convention Party, Yaya Sanyang, has said that the NCP will leave no stone unturned in remaining relevant and a vibrant political party in the country.
Speaking at his first press conference after the party’s expulsion of Majanko Samusa, Mr Sanyang said the NCP has a serious agenda much more than its previous leader Majanko, and that is to play its role in the politics of the country.
“The NCP has intellectuals and people with sound ideas that can run this country and I know people will listen to us because we are committed and we are genuine. We are not looking to line our pockets and our focus is not about castigating people or slandering them but it is about issues,” he said.

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Mr Sanyang said though NCP remains a member of the existing Coalition, it will not however be passive. “We are not second fiddle to any party in this country. NCP is a party to be recognized and we will use all our crowds, knowledge and strength to ensure that we compete any party on the ground,” Sanyang added.
He accused ousted leader Majanko Samusa, who claimed he is still the party leader, of not paving a constructive status for the party, saying that is why NCP became a laughing stock among other parties.

Sanyang said people would realise the difference in the new NCP. “We are ready to take on anybody. Though we are partners in the government but we are also aware that the president himself does not belong to any political party according to the Coalition agreement. We are aware of what they are doing but we are ready to challenge them, on merit and constructive ideals,” he warned.

Sanyang said the NCP will be proactive and “we will ensure that the interest of the masses of this country is looked after. We want a Government that is serious about the development agenda of the people of this country, in order to improve their lives and livelihood. Nobody can develop the Gambia for us,” he said.

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