NCP saga: What will the IEC say?


In the past few days, a lot has been said in the media about the division which has surfaced in the National Convention Party (NCP) with the two camps each electing its own leader. This has been the cause of internal dispute which is threatening to split the party in two.

Recently, the President of the Republic of The Gambia Mr Adama Barrow referred to one of those two elected party officials as the leader of the party. The other side has objected to this and called a press conference in which they demanded that the president rectify that error.

During the said press conference, the leader of that side of the party called on the IEC to intervene so that they can inform the Gambian people who the right leader of the party is.


Now, all eyes are on the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to arbitrate and decide what to do about this saga. The splinter groups tend to blame the Inter-Party Committee for not coming to defuse the dispute.

Whatever the outcome of the proposed intervention by the IEC and the Inter-Party Committee, if the National Convention Party (NCP) is unable to quickly and judiciously resolve their internal dispute, it may adversely affect their stance on the political landscape, and thus, their performance in any future election.