Ndey Fatou Jabang, Elektra Da Jolaqueen


Ndey Fatou Jabang who goes by the stage name Elektra Da Jolaqueen is 28 and works as an administrator and a radio presenter. She says her favourite quote is: Be Strong, Be Sexy, Be a Diva like Me… Elektra Da JolaQueen.

She spoke of herself on FWG Facebook page: “I’m in to everything but dancing has always and will still be my top doing. Growing up with the art as a child dancing with my mom’s cultural troupe, my dancing feet led me to quite a number of achievements and traveling. From then I vowed to make dance not only a hobby but a career in The Gambia. Today I can say I’ve accomplished quarter of my aims by proving the importance of dance and made it top in the Gambia music scene.

Now I’ve established the Flex Fuzion Dance Academy to use the creative medium of dance and performing arts to train, educate, develop and empower youths and adults within the various Gambian socio-economic communities and contributing towards job creation and poverty alleviation..”
My motto is: Believing in oneself and be proud doing what you’re good at.


Photo credit: Pa Dutcher, Wax Media & STS Pictures