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‘Neneh was never part of Dec 30th plot

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By Omar Wally

Cherno Njie, the financier of the December 30th failed coup, has debunked allegations that Neneh MacDouall-Gaye, former foreign minister was part of the December 30th coup plotters. Spurious allegations gained currency online claiming Mrs Gaye who was then based in the US leaked the planned coup to Jammeh and was subsequently rewarded with appointment as Foreign minister.
But Mr Njie has cleared the clear and said Mrs Gaye was not part of the complot and was not privy to their plans.

Speaking in a Standard exclusive (see next page), Mr Njie said: “That is categorically untrue. I don’t know Neneh, I have never met or communicated with her. I don’t know of anybody within the group who had any links to her. I don’t know what is the source of that information. Neneh could not have had that access to anybody relating to the December 30th [plans]. I have never met her. The idea that you will have any relationship with somebody you never seen or talk to is bizarre.”

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A source close to the former Foreign minister said they have heard of the “wild false allegation” and said Mrs Gaye is “a lady of the first order” and would never willingly put anyone in harm’s one.
“But as you know, people don’t have what to eat but they always have something [bad] to say,” the source said.

He said Mrs Gaye “had served the country meritoriously from the First Republic and her dedication to her family, her faith and her nation cannot be questioned by anyone”.
Neneh MacDouall-Gaye was not available for immediate comment on the clarification.

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