Never Again Network to be launched Saturday

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By Lamin Cham

Never Again Network, a body formed by a group of former TRRC staff, will be launched on Saturday at the Action Aid Office Complex on MDI Road, Kanifing beginning 3 PM.

According to members of the group, as The Gambia enters the implementation phase of the TRRC’s work, with both government and civil society institutions actively engaging various sectors of Gambian society with a view to helping them understand the outcomes of the Commission’s work, especially the Government’s White Paper, and finding ways and means of encouraging the implementation of the recommendations the Never Again Network is born in the same context and spirit.


“Empowering the Future’ speaks to our focus on empowering young people – both inside and outside the school system – and getting them involved in ensuring that never again shall The Gambia undergo dictatorship or suffer the kinds of gross human rights violations that occurred under the dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh.

“The Network believes that empowering young people will aid the positive transformation of Gambian society for a better and brighter future in line with the rationale for the country’s transitional justice process. The following are among the Network’s central objectives:

to empower children, young men and women across the country, through dialogue on civic education and citizen rights and responsibilities; to build partnerships and collaborate with both national and international organizations interested in The Gambia’s transitional justice process, and in particular the participation of young people – both male and female – in that process;

to promote a culture of civility and respect for human rights and the rule of law by all Gambians; to help build an empowered future society, united on the basis of a common humanity and a culture of universal mutual respect and to groom the younger generations of Gambians in civic awareness and mutual tolerance that would make them great human beings and great citizens of this country among other things,” Coordinator Babagalleh Jallow stated in a statement shared with The Standard.