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New Diaspora organisation 3DGam pledges to support vulnerable communities

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By Tabora Bojang

The founder of Decisions Determine Destiny (3DGam) a newly formed charitable organisation base in the United Kingdom has spoken of his organisation’s resolve in providing support to economic, social and technological disadvantage communities in The Gambia.
Speaking in an interview with The Standard Amadou Marong, a Gambian resident in the UK said the organization was founded in November last year with the main objective to enhance and support vulnerable communities especially in the provincial Gambia.


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He said the organisation also aims to, amongst other things, provide support to local schools.
“We are a newly formed society of like-minded individuals who want to radiate goodness in Mankind with a plain progressive agenda.
“No ifs, No buts! 3D stands for Decisions Determine Destiny and our motto is Plain Progressive Agenda,” he noted.

He said the scope of the organisation’s operation will be a non-political, non-religious and non-tribal.
“The simple knowledge that you are making little difference to the lives of the people, which by fate, would enable them to make informed decisions that will determine their destiny is the firm belief of 3DGam. This kindness we hope will elicit goodness in communities of mankind.” he said.
The country head of 3DGam, Mustapha Dibba said part of their priorities is provide assistance in the education by supplying teaching materials.

The objectives of 3DGam summarily explained:
What we set for ourselves can be acronymed as TEESid: Technological; Educational; Economic & Sociocultural improvement of disadvantaged:
1. Technological: Provide support for Information, Communication & Technological (ICT) equipment and/resources.

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2. Education: Provide educational materials and or equipment for the enhancement of learning. Helps to link educational establishments to facilitate staff and learners of twined Institutes to broaden their views and be more outward looking, breaking down barriers in understanding other cultures and learn best practices from one another

3. Economic: Provide financial support for community development oriented project be it Agriculture and/Trade. Engage into business, the benefits of which will be far-reaching than individual pockets.
4. Sociocultural: Promote and enhance useful Sociocultural practice in The Gambia and in Diaspora and vice-versa

1. Chairman & Secretary General – Amadou Marong
2. Deputy Chairman & Media General – Lamin Marong (Norway)
3. Deputy Secretary General – Karamo Danso (Ireland)
4. Europe wide Head & PRO – MaLamin Jammeh (Austria)
5. Auditor General – Musa Jammeh (UK)
6. Financial Secretary – Sulayman Sanyang (UK)
7. Head of Projects & Organising Committee – Mamadi Jammeh (UK)
8. Support to Projects & Organising Committee – Alieu Darboe (UK)
9. Advisers on Women & Kids Affairs – Amie Fatty, Binta Sanyang & Mariama Alhagie Njie (UK)
10. Homeland General – Koto Alhagie Mustapha Dibba (Gambia)
11. Deputy Homeland General – Principal Sankung Dampha (Gambia)
12. Head of Homeland Projects Principal Mai Fatty (Gambia)
13. Head of Homeland Organising Committee – Lamin Marong ( Gambia)
14. Special Education Adviser Principal Kumba Kinteh (Gambia)
15. Special Education Adviser – Principal Mam Biran Sallah (Gambia)
16. Social Mobiliser – Abubucarr Danso (Gambia)
17. Special Business Adviser – Koto Sheriff Marong (Gambia)
18. Head of Women & Kids Projects in Gambia Tida Kijera
19. Special Cultural & Agricultural Adviser – Koto Modou Trawally (Gambia)
20. Special Adviser to Cabinet – Koto Sumaila Bajo (UK)
21. Financial Secretary for Operations in Gambia – Bakary Sidi Darboe
22. Special Adviser on intercultural Affairs – Ebrima (Saul) Jammeh (Gambia)
23. Assistant Media General – Mr Ebrima Jammeh 2 (Gambia)
24. Assistant Organising Committee Member – Mr Sainey Dibba (Gambia)
25. Persona grata officarius (an acceptable officer to the Cabinet – Ebrima Fatty

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