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New Gambia, New SeneGambia, New Africa, New World ?

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By Jarga Kebba Gigo An Activist and Transformer. Note: In regards to New Gambia, we hope to see a more informative Barrow, Sallah, and the whole team. Leaders must inspire and remind people they have a crucial role to play for the desired results. For example, Barrow calling on Gambians abroad to ‘return’ should preferably include advice and/or warnings. He must admit to them that the Gambia government cannot employ all of them or even create jobs for them — that there is the need to plan and collaborate. The coalition team, and now the government, should have had a website to collect information and facilitate smooth and productive return. Facilitate and assure them new partnership laws will help those who choose to go through a special department to boost secure investments in the Gambia. Collect information and Facilitate right connections based on verifiable formal education, work experience, capital, etc will help create jobs and reduce disappointments. Also he should have reminded them to come with better character. That Jammeh is gone but corruption and reckless oppositions will not be tolerated. Feel free to count me innocent victims of Jammeh, but some people were punished due to corruption or trying to overthrow an elected government. We won’t torture like Jammeh allegedly did, but what will happen to corrupt and reckless Gambians? May we never return to the passive destructive ways of Jawara or Jammeh’s questionable style. Personally, I hope to have a much better relationship with Barrow and his team than Jammeh. However, they must understand we have our own world agenda and the Gambia should not be left out or come too late. We will criticize them where need be. The Gambia must have much better marijuana laws and embrace “Free water movement, drought resistant and year round farming for Africa,” or face a stronger fight I already started against Jammeh and world leaders. Beside term limits for the government, we want something similar for opposition parties to avoid party ownership. We want more than simple majority. We want weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly address from him as culture. American presidents are much more busy but have weekly addresses. The information can be beyond government, but character building at the personal, social, and political levels. We deserve listening ears and this is the internet age he must join. Also we are hoping for a pledge that most of their speeches will be less than ten percent blaming of Jammeh or comparing themselves with Jammeh or Jawara. We want a more constructive new page that sets standards and compares to standards than people. Life is like a relay, you run your best when given the bat. Blaming past runners hardly do any good, unless when crafted to teach. Set up an investigative team and advise people to wait for facts beyond Jammeh. The “22 years of Gambian hardship” cannot be blamed on Jammeh alone (or his team) if we understand cause, allow, and effects. Beside inside collaboration, where did the ordinary Gambians fail, where did the opposition, media, world leaders, and others fail through actions or inaction. Such detail report will help Gambians and other countries learn how to prevent problems and solve problems we failed to prevent. Even this terrible post-election was due to errors way beyond Jammeh. He may be the prime suspect but there are contributors through actions and inaction. Too many people are wrongly content that there was ‘no blood spill’, but there was huge amount of sufferings that could have been prevented and indirect loss of lives. Malnourished refugees and even Barrow’s son is an example. Blaming it on God or “destiny” is a faulty misinterpretation that can be applied on the wrongs of Jammeh and what you may disagree with me or others, beyond this piece. Life is an opportunity or challenge to love; to learn, work, and have fun from ideas, events, creatures, and the creator. May the Lord immensely bless the Gambia, SeneGambia, Africa, and the world.]]>

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