NHRC calls for greater representation of women in leadership


The National Human Rights Commission has called for greater participation for women in leadership roles, as the commission joins the rest of the world in commemorating International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8.

In a statement, NHRC said women and girls form about 52 percent of the nation’s population but they yet hold less leadership roles.

NHRC said: “However, despite their numerical strength, women in The Gambia are severely underrepresented in elected decision-making bodies at the national and local levels.


“Of the 58 members of the National Assembly, only 6 are women; while only 4 women are in a Cabinet of 18. Women comprise less than 15 percent of the 144 elected councillors while only one of the eight Local Government Authorities and only one of the five Administrative Regions are headed by women.

“There are no women District Chief (Seyfo) and very few Village Heads (Alkalo). None of the State-Owned Enterprises is headed by a woman. Patriarchy, illiteracy, and socio-cultural and religious beliefs continue to militate against women’s political participation and socio-economic advancement and also exacerbate the discrimination, exploitation, and violence they suffer in both the public and private spheres.”