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NHRC recommends introduction of price control

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By Omar Bah

In its State of Human Rights Report 2023, the National Human Rights Commission has recommended that the Gambia Government develop price control mechanisms to curb the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities. The NHRC also urged the government to promote and invest in mechanised agriculture to ensure food security in The Gambia.

“The government should provide adequate resources for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the country,” it added.

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The NHRC said the government should also work with countries from where Gambians are deported to ensure humane treatment of the deportees while in detention and when being deported. It added that the government should enact legislation on smuggling and effectively implement and enforce the law.


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The NHRC said the government should take the necessary steps to implement the Acute Kidney Injury Presidential Task Force report and ensure quality control measures to curb the importation and sale of dangerous drugs.

 The commission further recommend  that government conduct a holistic review of laws and regulations governing the issuance of import licenses for pharmaceutical products and strengthen the Medical Control Agency; continue exploring avenues of settling the cases with the families by engaging in productive dialogue with the victims’ families through calls and meetings: improve infant health and welfare measures in the basic health care service provisions collaborate with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Welfare, and conduct a comprehensive review of laws and policies relevant to mental health, with a view to bringing them in line with The Gambia’s international obligations,” it added.

It also urged the Ministry of Health to expedite the tabling before the National Assembly of the new Mental Health Bill and ensure the repeal of the legal framework allowing substituted decision making to provide consent on behalf of persons with disabilities and introduce supported decision-making, ensuring its availability for those who request it.

“Collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to develop a bill incorporating safeguards against deprivation of liberty 42 based on impairment of the mind and push for enactment of the bill by the National Assembly. Conduct national awareness-raising campaigns on mental health. 6. Include mental health in the basic healthcare provision facilities and build and equip more mental health facilities, rehabilitation centres, and counselling centres,” it stated.

Waste management

The NHRC recommended that the ministry of environment collaborate with the municipal councils to develop a comprehensive waste collection and management system in urban areas as well as in communities.

“Investigate the issue of the noxious smell around the fishmeal factories and prosecute any violations of national environmental laws and regulations. Expedite the enactment of the National Environment Management Bill 2022 and the Waste Bill 2022. Support the development and implementation of a national action plan on business and human rights,” it stated.

It also urged the government to take all necessary steps to eliminate illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing (IUUF) and combat overfishing,” it noted.

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