NHRC seeks to review, incorporate human rights education into school curricula

NHRC seeks to review, incorporate human rights education into school curricula


By Oumie Bojang

The National Human Rights Commission in collaboration with the British High Commission in The Gambia has on Thursday organised a dialogue with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to support and review the junior and secondary school curricula.

The aim of the project is to identify, review the modules and come up with ways to include human rights education into the national curricula of various school levels.


Mr Louis Moses Jallow, PS of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, said incorporating human rights education and expanding the essential missing disciplines and areas into the education system is a major concern for the sector.

He highlighted that the importance of inculcating these values in society is massive, and one of the entry points is the curricula level due to the wide coverage of 800.000 student population from ECD to grade 12.

“I am sure that when students are exposed to these by the time they get to tertiary level, they will understand the importance of human rights issues in the system, the country, and the government structures,” he noted.

He advised all parties involved to work towards the realisation of the concept they have put together is incorporated into the school curricula and the society.

H.E David Belgrove, the British High Commissioner said human rights education enables the education system to fulfill its fundamental ways of promoting the full development of a human personality. He added that the appreciation of human dignity strengthens respect for human rights in delivering quality education for all.

Mr Belgrove said human rights education improves the effectiveness of education and the education system as a whole which contributes to a country’s economic, social, and political development.

He added that human rights education improves the quality of learning by promoting child-centered and participatory teaching and learning practices and processes.

“Teaching human rights to children has already been demonstrated to be a powerful tool in giving them a sense of dignity respect and empowerment”.

Dr Saikou Kawsu Gassama, executive secretary of the NHRC, said their office is given the mandate to promote and support human rights in The Gambia and this dialogue is geared toward ensuring that the aim has come to fruition.