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Nigerian consultants to inaugurate faculty in The Gambia

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The director-general of Nigeria’s Technical AIDS Corps, Dr Pius Osunyikanmi, has said that 10 Nigerian consultants will be sent to the University of The Gambia to inaugurate the institution’s Faculty of Dental Surgery.
Osunyinkanmi also stated that 200 professors, 100 teachers and nurses, would be sent to some African countries, including Liberia, in response to President George Weah’s request for Nigerian professionals in his country’s education and health sectors.
Addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday, on the renewal of his tenure, he said that Nigeria’s involvement in restoring democracy to The Gambia was being matched with corresponding manpower, particularly in the University of The Gambia and the judiciary.
He observed that a technical aid exchange programme between Nigeria and South Africa could curb the xenophobic killings in that country.

Osunyikanmi added that the deployment of quality Nigerian professionals in South Africa could lead to a reduction in hostility and killings of Nigerians by certain criminal elements.
He noted that the deployment of professionals was ongoing in 10 countries on the continent.
“As I speak with you, our team is currently in Uganda to deliver additional seven professors. Also, we are documenting about 10 consultants in the area of dentistry who are going to kick-start the faculty of dental surgery in the University of Gambia,” he said.

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