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Djeliba Leisure group and its sister company Balafon Company Ltd of The Gambia offers opportunities to particularly Gambians and West Africans in general to create a career within the dynamic tourism industry of The Gambia. The positions advertised do require experience and qualifications but there are certain positions that don’t need experience for which we are willing to offer training.

At Djeliba Leisure Group we believe each individual has a unique potential hence our desire to support the upcoming GENERATION OF GAMBIAN YOUTH with suitable and sustainable employment. If you are looking for job opportunities in the Hospitality Industry we are here to partner with you. We are searching for honest, hardworking and respectable and disciplined individuals.

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As a company we are committed and dedicated to offer opportunities to our Gambian brothers and sisters both at home and in the diaspora who want to come home to contribute to the development of The Gambia.

The roles we have available are as follows:

Front of House:
1. Front Office Manager
2. Receptionist
3. Night manager/auditor
4. Reservations/sales manager
5. IT Manager
6. Assistant IT Technician
Apply through: [email protected]

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1. Room Division Manager
2. Housekeeping Manager
3. Room mates
4. Public area cleaners
5. Supervisors
Apply through: [email protected]

Food & Beverage:
1. Food and Beverage Manager
2. Restaurant Manager
3. Banquet and event manager
4. Bar manager
5. Waiter/waitress
6. Bar keeper
7. Chef
8. Cooks
9. Kitchen porters
Apply through: [email protected]

1. Cashiers
2. Controllers
Apply through: [email protected]

1. Electricians
2. Plumbers
3. Carpenters
4. Mason
5. Pool attendant
6. Generator Operator
7. AC Specialist
Apply through: [email protected]

1. Human Resources Manager
2. Secretary
3. Guest Relations Manager
Apply through: [email protected]

Hot Lines: +220 3920049 / +220 3920012

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