Nigerians charged with cybercrime granted bail


By Bruce Asemota

Thirteen Nigerians charged with cybercrime and computer related offences have been granted bail by the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

Presiding Magistrate Ebou Sowe in granting bail said he took cognizance of the fact that bail is a discretion as provided under section 99 of the Criminal Procedure Code which has to be exercised judicially and judiciously in the interest of fair hearing.


Magistrate Sowe disclosed that since the prosecution intimated to the court that they have completed investigation and were not opposing granting bail to the suspects, each of the suspects shall provide one Gambian surety that possesses an ID Card or a passport.

Magistrate Sowe further ordered that alternatively, all suspects shall deposit the sum of one hundred thousand dalasi (D100.000.00) with the financial controller of the Judiciary in Banjul.

Magistrate Sowe further ordered that each of the suspects should surrender their travelling documents with the Brikama Magistrates’ Court’s Registrar and must not leave the country pending the completion of the case.